Pit fires and Chaos

June 6, 2014

I keep waiting for the moment when life is going to slow down. A moment where I feel like I can breathe without worrying when I will have to start running again (metaphorically speaking, of course). But, I don’t think that actually happens. Since leaving Orkney it has been a whirlwind of working, trying to move, helping with my Dad’s retirement, and trying to get a studio established. I’ve been cleaning, working on electrical wiring for the new studio, ordering equipment, and building tables.

Oh, I’ve also been preparing for a gallery show, which kicked off last night at Art Reach in Mt. Pleasant, MI! Getting a show together is a lot of work, but it was also wonderful to have an excuse to put other things on hold and throw myself into clay work. I was collecting materials, building pits for firing, and of course, enjoying the spring sun as I tended to the firing. I’m happy with the way my work turned out, and I think another round (or two) of pit firing will have to commence before this summer is over. No matter how many times I run one an excitement and a craving builds in my veins and I can’t wait to do more.  Anyway, opening night had a great turn out, and thank you to everyone who stopped in!  At least that is one thing I can check of my ever growing list.

Fast paced and chaotic has never been comforting to me, and I cannot wait to be settled, to stop living between two cities, and to have my arms elbow deep in clay again. My only real solace is that if everything stays on track I will have my studio up and running by the end of July, and personally June cannot pass quick enough!

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