Winter Transformations

December 19, 2013

My mind is constantly on pots. Not that I neglect other aspects of my life, but almost everything I see connects in my head to ceramics in some way shape or form. I also love to read about pottery. Sometimes I read about sculpture and clay (even though I would not consider myself a sculptor). Sometimes, I read artist bios or history books about ceramics.  I like knowing A LOT of stuff, and you never know what will influence your next body of work! Therefore, I tend to collect words, images, and ideas.


The most recent nugget in my collection came from the mouth of Elspeth Owen (is that not the coolest name?!)  who is a Cambridge potter, photographer, sculptor, and media artist. She said, “Pots are the most fundamental image of civilization with a range of functions from containing salt to human remains. The most important thing about pots is that they are old but new – we [potters] are renewing all the time.”


What a wonderful way to think about pottery! It is a way to view all art forms: a practice of constant renewal – a reincarnation – of one idea, image, or technique. Winter is a perfect time to let those creative energies go. As the world sleeps, the mind is able to reach inside itself exploring without distraction.



We are renewers. We transform.


I hope that as the world rest and renews itself artist everywhere (even if only in your mind) take the time to explore and see what inspires you. As for me, I am closing down this computer and heading outside to build a snowman.


Enjoy the winter rest!



Owen, Elspeth, A group of three burnished Forms Maximum Length 9 in. (23cm). Ceramic. 


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