The Waiting Game

December 8, 2013

I love being part of a group studio. And as studios go CMU has a pretty decent one. The opportunity to work beside other talented potters sharing ideas and smiles is a blessing. Everyday opportunities to grow as a potter and improve my art arise from theses interactions. Comradery is definitely an important aspect of the craft. But, there is one problem with not having my own studio, and that is time. Our studio has a deadline for wet clay, so that the equipment and space may be cleaned and upgraded for the next semester’s adventures. All well and good, but that means for the past two weeks I have not been able to make anything. Not. One. Single. Pot.

I wake up every morning with images and designs born the night before swirling around In my head and my hands are itching (literally itching) to get back into some clay. Time off to meditate on past works and new ideas are always needed. However, once I’m done meditating I want to get back to work. The inability to do so is more frustrating than the anticipation a child harbors waiting for Christmas morning!

Just like a child, I find myself chanting, “three and a half more weeks... three and a half more weeks.” Then, once more I will make, make, make! Until then I shall dream of slip trails and glowing flames. Have a wonderful Holiday everyone!

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