December 5, 2013

I have been told by several people that I don’t take nearly enough pictures of my work.


 It’s true. I don’t.


With the images I have posted in my gallery you would never guess that I make 12-15 pieces every work day I’m in the studio. Which after firing days and refining days equates to about 25-28 pieces a week! I should have a TON of pictures, right?  Well, ok, so once you factor in breakage, and bad glaze, and pure bad luck my tally of finished pieces is not that high. Then you have to factor in that my access to the photo room is limited and that this year has been crazy and sometimes I just don’t want to take pictures of all my STUFF.... 


But,  I could stand to take more photos.  I guess what I’m saying is although not portfolio quality here are some images that didn’t make it in the gallery for a variety of reasons. Also, a few shots of some work in progress. Enjoy!

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