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Tyg / Pass cup / Tavern Mug / Kissing Mug

Tyg / Pass cup / Tavern Mug / Kissing Mug


This item was inspired by the historic Tyg mug of England.  It holds about 30oz.



    All pottery pieces are made from red stoneware which is FOOD safe, DISHWASHER safe, and OVEN safe.

    While they can withstand the dishwasher, they will last longer and be less prone to damage if they are given a little extra TLC and washed by hand.

    Mugs and tumblers can even be put in the freezer to cool down before putting COLD beverages inside them!


    *DISCLAIMER* Do Not put hot liquid into a cold cup, or cold liquid into a hot cup. Pottery may crack when exposed to thermal shock*

    *DISCLAIMER* There must be some liquid or food item in the piece before putting it in the microwave or oven.*

    DO NOT place pieces directly on open flame or hot stove top.

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