Bag Lady 8 oz mugs

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These Each mug holds at least 8 oz. Most hold a little more.

 A few years ago, I accidentally spilled some glaze over my glazing table and it washed up on already glazed pieces. I decided to see what would happen and put the splashed upon mugs in the kiln. Suddenly, the bag ladies were born. The name came to me as I stared at the weirdly wonderful, unique, and maybe a bit tacky mugs that were covered in layers of glaze.

All pottery pieces are made from red stoneware which is FOOD safe, DISHWASHER safe, and OVEN safe.

 Mugs and tumblers can even be put in the freezer to cool down before putting COLD beverages inside them!

*DISCLAIMER* Do Not put hot liquid into a cold cup, or cold liquid into a hot cup. Pottery may crack when exposed to thermal shock*

 *DISCLAIMER*  There must be some liquid or food item in the piece before putting it in the microwave or oven.*

DO NOT place pieces directly on open flame or hot stove top.
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