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Do you do custom orders? Will you hold items?

I do take custom orders or commissions! Alas, I, unfortunately, don't have enough hours in a day to be able to fulfill all commissions and custom orders that come my way.

Always feel free to ask, but I do reserve the right to turn down custom orders If I know I will not be able to fulfill them.

In order to give everyone equal opportunity, I will not hold pieces - it is solely first come, first serve.

How long do custom orders take? Can I pick things like colors or shapes?

Commissions take a minimum of 5 weeks to make. However, they can take up to 8 or more weeks depending on the time of year and the order. I will discuss the current time frame when you place your order.

 If you need an item in less than 5 weeks, I cannot take your custom order.

If you request a color that is not a studio glaze you will be charged a glaze fee for the purchase of the color. The fee varies depending on the amount of glaze needed and the color of the glaze you request. Glaze colors will vary due to the nature and process of pottery. They will never exactly match each other.

I may turn down an order if I know my ceramic style cannot produce the color/look that you want.


I also do not take on orders that are replicas of someone else’s style. I can change colors and the carvings or designs of my work, but I do not change the forms or copy other peoples designs.

How much does custom work cost?

The cost of your custom pottery will depend on the type of item, level of detail, and colors. I will give you a price quote before I make the item.

What if I change my mind on a piece? Can I return a custom item or stop the commission?

If you order a custom item that does not have a special name/date/time on it, you need to make a down payment of 50% before I start work. If you choose to not continue with the purchase that is up to you. I will continue the work and sell it in my shop.

If your order has a custom name/date/time on it specific to you or your company I require 100% payment before I start making the item. I cannot resell these pieces. If you choose not to pick it up that is up to you.

I do not take returns or exchanges.

How do I care for my hand made clay artwork?

All of my dinnerware pieces are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe.


 While they can withstand the dishwasher, they will last longer and be less prone to damage if they are given a little extra TLC and washed by hand.

All pieces can go in the microwave, but should always have liquid or food in them (at least ½ full) before going in.

* DO NOT put a cold piece of pottery directly into the microwave! All pottery should be room temperature before going in. You cannot take a ceramic bowl from the fridge and put it in the microwave, it will eventually crack.

For oven pieces, like a pie plate, make sure the piece is room temperature before going in the oven. If you can preheat it with the oven even better! Do not take a cold pottery item (like a chilled pie plate) and put it in the oven. It will crack.

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