Thank you for your interest in commissioning work from Jesie S Pottery!

Please read the information below before contacting me about a commission.

Time: Commissions take a minimum of 4 weeks to make. They can take up to 8 or more weeks. If you need an item for an event less then 5 weeks away I cannot take your commission.

           I am a full-time teacher as well as potter, so, production slowsdown in the fall and winter. I may decline a commission                 if I know I will not be able to make it in the time frame you request.


Color and glaze: If you request a color that is not a studio glaze (see current work for colors) you will be charged a glaze fee for the purchase of the color. The fee varies depending on the amount of glaze needed and the color of glaze you request.

           Glaze colors will vary due to the nature and process of pottery. They will never exactly match each other.

Cost: All commissions start at my studio prices (see chart here). However, depending on glaze, detail, item, or additives prices will increase. Most prices only go up by $10 or $15, but it does depend on what you request.


             Items with personal details like a name, date, or special message will be charged a nonrefundable fee of 40% down

             at the time of commission. 



Disclaimers: I reserve the right to decline a commission before payment has been made.

Commission me

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