As a material, clay deeply connects us to the land and to history. Not only does the chemical and physical makeup of clay connect us to the earth in a very literal manner, but it also connects us emotionally and spiritually to the land and human history.  Although, processes have evolved in many ways, the core of firing, working, and manipulating clay has not changed since humanity first started to interact with the material. It is a malleable medium that embraces tradition while calling for discovery, change, and pushing the boundaries. This multifaceted nature is what draws me in and keeps me wanting to experiment and discover.


When pottery is created a record is made. The spiritual, functional, and personal relationship between the land and those who live on it is documented. In the process of making my work I am constantly reminded of this process, of the give and take, and of the shaping of man and earth that exists. When I work in both functional and decorative processes, my mind meditates on the close relationship people had with the earth: on a time when lives depended on an intimate understanding of nature.


The Mission of Jesie s Pottery



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