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As a material, clay deeply connects us to the land and to history; to the emotional and spiritual memories of earth and culture. 

Although, processes have evolved in many ways, the core of firing, working, and manipulating clay has not changed since humanity first started to interact with the material. It is a malleable medium that embraces tradition while calling for discovery, change, and pushing the boundaries. This multifaceted nature is what draws me in and keeps me wanting to experiment and discover.


When pottery is created a record is made. The spiritual, functional, and personal relationship between the land and those who live on it is documented.

In the process of making my work I am constantly reminded of this process, of the give and take, and of the shaping of man and earth that exists.

When I work in both functional and decorative processes, my mind meditates on the close relationship people had with the earth: on a time when lives depended on an intimate understanding of nature.



HI! I'm Jesie Stefani and I am Jesie S pottery at True Source Studio!

It all began in 2008 when I came back to Michigan to attend university.  On the first day of a ceramic class, I found myself elbow-deep in the reclaim bin. It is a watery container filled with silky mucky leftover clay used for making new clay. As my fingers threaded themselves through the slop I fell in love.

Ceramic art appeals to every aspect of my nature. The texture of the clay and the process of working with my hands is very satisfying. I am also able to draw upon my love of history, story, myth, and learning to consistently influence my work.  



In May of 2013, I graduated with a B.S.E in art education focusing on ceramics.

In February of 2014, I picked up my passport and flew off to the UK! I started an internship at Fursbreck Pottery in Orkney. My time was spent studying prehistoric pottery, making work, and learning more about the trade from master potter and author Andrew Appleby. It was an unforgettable experience.


I have been stateside for a while now enjoying the many opportunities that have come my way! I have made mugs for White Pine Coffee Company and The Harvest Coffeehouse. I produce work for retail at several business and continuously work on improving my own studio. I am also a full-time art teacher at  Mt. Pleasant, MI Public Schools.





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